Boat Displacement

As opposed to the displacement hull type, the displacement of a hull, any hull type, it is the fully loaded weight of the vessel or the weight of volume of water that the hull pushes aside (displaces) when at rest.

The displacement weight is an important factor in determining a boats power requirement and subsequently in propeller selection, it is therefore important to have as accurate a figure for displacement as practical. Boat manufacturers tend to understate displacement or not give maximum displacement with full payload. Maximum displacement is used in the calculations on this site, this is the weight of the boat plus, the full weight of crew, passengers and normal stores and two thirds of fuel and water.

There are three ways to determine displacement:

  • Contact the manufacturer and get the displacement for where the hull is currently lying.
  • If you are like me you have an older boat with no available information you will have to either, weigh the vessel on a truck scale
  • or haul it out and measure it yourself.

Boat Hull Types :